Friday, December 21, 2012

12-8-12 Finished my first 5k race today, it was AWESOME!

Well, I did it! Jogged/walked in my first 5k race today. A year ago I could barely walk from the house to the car....and that made me wheeze and cough and breathe heavy for a little while. Now, 11 months into the program....I just did a 5k. So close to 100lbs gone...and jogging! Unbelievable!

The coolest part was feeling like a participant in something instead of being a spectator. It was so special to feel like I was not going to watch from the sidelines, I actually participated! My hubby did this with me....and even though he could have ran faster and finished earlier, he didn't...he stayed with me...walked when I needed to and jogged at my pace. It was so awesome....really great feeling of accomplishment today!

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