Friday, November 23, 2012

11-23-12 Thanksgiving Comparisons

Yesterday I was dragging my family outside for Thanksgiving Day pictures....which is comical because every other year.....they had to drag me! I would hide as much of me as I could behind my other family if that hid the fact that I was HUGE! This picture is me on Thanksgiving Day last year, side by side with a picture of me from Thanksgiving yesterday.

Then I started digging through Thanksgiving pictures from other years and came across this one, which shows that my husband and I have come a long way!

Another way to tell how far I have come....yesterday before we went to my parents house for Thanksgiving....I jogged/walked a 5k on my on a holiday! I am not fast, but I finished it.....47 minutes. Also, my weight loss officially hit 99lbs Thanksgiving morning! Of course, I probably took a step backward by eating the Thanksgiving meal....but I will get right back at it today!

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