Friday, November 23, 2012

9-27-12 Pounds Lost + Goals Met = Reward Charm Bracelet!

Rewards....used to be chocolate, ice cream, sweets, savory....really didn't of any kind would work! Since going PINK....rewards look very different. A lot of my PINK friends have reward systems. A popular one is a charm bracelet. I chose to to get a charm for every 10lbs lost...officially hit 90lbs today and thought I would share my bracelet story.
The airplane - because it was a big deal when I flew in April and could actually buckle the belt.
The 2012 charm - my year of change.
Two Peas in a Pod - because my hubby and I are doing this together.
The strawberry - to represent healthy eating.
The heart - because I am doing this for my health, to maintain a healthy heart.
The tennis shoe - because I actually exercise now.
The star - Because I STARted this journey.
The wishbone - because it was my wish to lose all this weight/
The turtle - because slow and steady wins the race.
I LOVE IT! So happy that I went for it and finally got it! Only 5 more charms to go (50 more pounds) YAY!

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