Friday, November 23, 2012

2-14-12 A weekly look at my first month on PINK

I have been weighing every day since I started pink....sometimes I tell myself I am only going to weigh once a week....but every morning, after I go to the bathroom.....I step on that scale. So what I know is that I have lost 22.2 pounds so far....and YAY! But I never took the time to figure out what that translated to week by week....until now!
                                                               Week One = 11lbs lost
                                                               Week Two = 3.6lbs lost
                                                               Week Three = 1.2lbs lost
                                                               Week Four = 5lbs lost
                                                               Week Five = 1.4lbs lost (so far, this week isn't over)

For my grand total of 22.2lbs lost in one month! Once I broke it down, I like it. Week three was my lowest week so far and that also represents week one of primary, so that makes sense to me. I like looking at it in a week by week perspective, it takes the BIG picture and breaks it down.

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