Friday, November 23, 2012

1-13-12 Tomorrow is the first day of my new lifestyle!

I have had my PINK program for a week or so, I got my nuwave oven and blenders. I ordered and recieved my stevia & hemp protein. I bought a tape measure (and used it, ugh) and I am going to start reset tomorrow!! I have cut down (not quite cut out) my diet coke....although I will not have another one after today! We are going out to tonight for my "last meal" which really means my last BAD meal....and probably buttered movie popcorn (which will also be cut out). I know most of you have already been doing the program for a while, so sorry for the references! So did you know that a standard tape measure is 60 inches? And.....I needed every one of those for the measuring of my hips! I guess the good side of that statement is that I didn't need a longer tape measure, lol. Do you know that 3 months ago I was looking at buying a "Big John" toilet seat so that it would be more comfortable for my big $SS! Now I am embarrassed to have that be my reality. I am so glad I DVR Dr. Phil every day and saw the ladies on the show. I do not want my reality to be "living large" magazine! I do not want to continue living this tomorrow is the first day of my new lifestyle! Tonight....I am going to be BADDDDDDDD! Happy Friday the 13th!

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