Friday, November 23, 2012

9-17-12 I need to think about why I started! I can get there from here! 7.2lbs for Month #8.

I am a few days late writing my monthly journal entry. Lots going on lately....and I have been less successful at staying on plan every day of the week.....weekends being the most difficult. My hubby has lost over 100lbs and is finished now he is less conscience of being PINK all of the time, which leads me to be less conscience of it as well...mostly on the weekends. I am not blaming him, it is my fault, I need to control it better, but it was easier when he was as diligent as I still need to be.

8 months....84lbs! Not bad, but I did pull my lowest monthly total to date this month. 7.2lbs lost this month. I am disappointed and I know that I need to step it up.

We did get our treadmill and I have been working out more, which is a good thing. It is almost a habit to get on it first thing in the morning for 30 minutes before I shower and go to work. To be honest, the regular exercise probably helped my monthly would have definitely been even lower had I not been working out.

Here is to the start of Month 9.....and I am sure to be PINKER than I was in month 8! I do not want to let all my hard work dwindle and let myself feel like I am never going to get there.....because I am going to get there!

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