Friday, November 23, 2012

4-18-12 Philly, Cheese Steaks, & Seatbelt Extenders! So glad to be home!!

I guess it is time to change my goal statement....the current one says "I will sit in MY seat on an airplane, w/o crowding the person next to me and w/o asking for a seatbelt extender!!" Well guess what....MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I went to Philadelphia last week and was able to buckle my seatbelt! I haven't been able to do that for at least four years! It felt really good, especially when the lady across the aisle had to ask for an extender.....I mean I felt bad that she had to do that, but SO happy that I didn't!!

So let's talk cheese steaks....I mean, I was in Philly! I knew that I would not stay completely PINK on this trip, and I was ok with that. I made good choices most of the time, but my husband and I did indulge in the philly cheese steak phenomenon. I can officially tell you that we tried all of the top three, Jim's Steaks, Pat's Steaks and Geno's Steaks and without a doubt the clear winner for us was Pat's Steaks. Second place goes to Jim's steaks and Geno's rounds out the top three in a very distant third!

So what did my cheese steak indulgence cost me? About a pound and a half. I was ok with that, I honestly thought it could have been more....when I came home and the scale was only a pound up from when I left, I was ecstatic....then next day it was up half of another a pound....and I was discouraged....but I buckled down, went to the gym, drank water until I felt like I was drowning....and today I am down 2.2lbs....which means I am .8lb down from before the trip!! YAY!!

Traveling is rough on routines. Did the hotel have a gym....yes. Did I use it? No. Did I even see it? No. I couldn't have my smoothie in the morning, we had to eat out at every meal, yadda yadda yadda....I was glad to come home. I am glad to have my routines. I am glad that I have stuck with PINK until it became my normal. I am 40.8lbs lighter after 3 months. I can wear an airplane seatbelt....and that is just the beginning!

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