Friday, November 23, 2012

2-21-12 Connecticut, Vending Machines & Pizza....what a weekend!

My husband and I took a trip this weekend to Connecticut to attend his Mother's 80th Birthday....which was awesome!
Let's take a look at the weekend....which was not totally PINK! I really wanted to go into the weekend and come out the other side of it staying PINK.
Friday we traveled all day and I did a great job with the PINK, except for not drinking enough water. We even ate a healthy lunch at the airport! There was a pizza restaurant in the airport that had a build your own salad area and we ate well and on plan!
Saturday was the birthday an Italian restaurant....and again I stayed PINK! I was feeling very proud of myself. Then we went to a basketball game with some friends. We ended up going to their house after the game. The snacks she set out were NOT on plan! But again, I was being very good and we sat there visiting for HOURS while I stared down chips and salsa, chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels....I felt very happy! The visit lasted much longer than we had planned and we didn't leave their house until about 12:30am. We got in the car and I told my husband I was starving!!!!! I decided that when we got back to his sister's house (that's where we were staying) I would have a banana and just go to bed.
Here is where my story takes an ugly turn! We get to his sister's house and the door is locked! It is now 1:00am. We didn't want to wake her up so we went to a motel for the night. By this time it is 1:30am and we are checking in and I think my stomach is eating itself! We are tired and cranky. There is an all night diner down the street from the motel and we ALMOST go there, but we were SO tired. On the way to the room we pass a vending machine...and we look at each other and just decided to eat JUNK or CRAP. Here is my rationalization that I used at the time....I got potato chips (veggie) and peanut m&m's (protein) and a fruit pie (fruit)! I was so disgusted with myself after I ate it....that I cheated for THAT nasty food....after I had done so well! I also felt really sick at about 4:45am....I think it was a weird sugar high kind of thing....I was dizzy and clammy and sick to my stomach. the next day we spent at his other sister's house visiting family.....for food, they ordered pizza! After the fiasco the night before, I said to heck with it and ate the least if I were going to cheat it would be something tasty instead of vending machine food!
Then yesterday we started our trip home. We were in Hartford waiting for our plane to take off and they announce there is an oil leak and they have to figure that out before we hour later we finally take off....but we only had a 30 minute layover in we were convinced that we were going to miss our connecting flight....the pilot had made up 30 minutes of flying time and we landed in Ohio at the same time our plane to Houston was supposed to take off. We get off the plane to hear them calling for final boarding on our Houston flight....we were at gate B23 and had to get to B5....which doesn't sound that far.....but it was FAR and I was running. We get to the gate and they usher us onto the plane and then shut the door....we BARELY made it! I promise you this, had I not been exercising the last few weeks and already lost 24lbs....we would not have made it....I wouldn't have been able to get there in time. Once on that plane, I did have trouble catching my breath and the flight attendant brought me a water before we even took off, and I was embarrassed, feeling like the whole plane is watching the fat girl have cardiac arrest! Whew, it was rough!
So, fast forward 3 hours and we land in Houston. We still have to drive to Austin (another 3 hours) it is 4:00 and we haven't eaten since oatmeal at his sister's house that morning. We had a gift card to Red Lobster from his work....and we decided to eat on the way home. So I had my favorites, shrimp scampi, the salad, the bread (mmm, the bread). I figured I would climb back on the horse this morning...which I have done.
What did the weekend cost me.....2.2lbs. I had gained 2.2lbs. The weekend also taught me that I am stronger than I think....until my breaking point, which is apparently at 1:00am after having stared down chocolate covered strawberries! All in all, it was a great trip....but I am SOOO glad to be home and back to my routines. It won't take long to reverse the damage I have done and I will be back to losing in no time!

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