Friday, November 23, 2012

1-23-12 Happy Monday!

Day 9 of reset is over, 13.2lbs down. I am semi-happy with that number, which sounds ridiculous, I know it is a great number.....but I am HUGE, and I just really thought my reset numbers would be HUGE, some of the women who have lost 20+ pounds on reset.....I thought that would be me. At the pace I am going, I'll be lucky to get to 18lbs. It frustrates me because I have not cheated at all, and I have drank over a gallon of water every day (except one.)  And then I get mad at myself for being so negative about it because after all, I have lost 13.2lbs in 9 days....which should feel awesome! I intend to start exercising this week....and continue eating reset foods for a while longer to see if I can jumpstart this a little more. I am so heavy that I do not believe it will hurt me to exist on reset foods while exercising. I really hoped to end reset under 300lbs.....but it is quickly looking like I will fall short of that goal. On the upside, I am learning more about eating this way. Watched Forks over Knives yesterday and it was very enlightening. I don't think I will give animal protein up entirely, but red meat is almost non-existent to me already. I will continue to eat fish and chicken.

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