Friday, November 23, 2012

1-18-12 Cherry Tomatoes.....who knew?

So, today is day 5...weighed this morning....down 8.2lbs! I am SO big that I didn't think 8lbs would make a difference, and mostly they don't....however, my pants are not as tight for sure! I feel like I have been rocking reset....and I would say I haven't cheated, but....yesterday I have put half a banana in my pink drink drink #1 and promptly ATE the other half....still lost 1.6lbs, so today I ate the other half of the banana again! Other than that, I have not cheated...wait, well I haven't actually measured my protein portions, so I am probably getting more than 4oz, maybe 5 or 6....but it hasn't been enough to really tell. I haven't cheated on any C.R.A.P., which is amazing! I haven't even really wanted to. I will tell you that I bought cherry tomatoes for the first time and I kinda dig them, who knew! Last night I sliced cucumbers and tomatoes and put it in a little apple cider vinegar overnight and snacked on it today....THAT was tasty...and refreshing! I can honestly say this hasn't been as hard as I expected it to be. I did want a diet coke and chocolate last night, lol....but my husband talked me out of it...and I am glad he did!

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