Friday, November 23, 2012

1-25-12 Becoming a scale slave, ugh!

So I am getting pretty bored with reset....mostly because I think I should be exercising already. I am fine with the food. Last Friday I decided to try the first workout with Jenna, it's a twenty minute workout....I think I got through the first 6 minutes before I stopped......which is pretty pathetic...but man was I tired after that. Saturday when I weighed I had only dropped .2lb and I was devastated because every other day of reset it was more than a pound. Every day since has been at least a pound, too. Then yesterday (Tuesday) I decided to go to the gym with my mom....worked the circuit machines for about 20 minutes then did a half mile on the treadmill....which isn't alot, but for me it was....I probably haven't exercised in at least two years. I felt pretty good about it and planned to go back today.....but when I stepped on the scale today I was UP .2lb....I was devastated again. I really don't plan on weighing every day after reset, but I am definitely a scale slave right now. I am down 14.2lbs after 11 days of reset, but I am bummed, I thought I would rock bigger reset numbers because I am very heavy and I noticed some of the big girls have lost at least 20lbs on reset, which I was hoping for. I'll be lucky to finish with 17 total?  Ugh....scale slave!

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