Friday, November 23, 2012

3-30-12 "Congratulations! You finished P.I.N.K. Method!"

I logged into my PINK account today and saw this message....

You finished P.I.N.K. Method!"

 which is weird because I don't feel or look "finished!" I don't know why it hit me so hard, I know I can reset my calendar and keep going....which I am certainly going to do. Officially, today my weight is down 35lbs on the dot....which is a pretty respectable number....I think. I know I could have done alot better for my first round....I was a pretty big exercise slacker, something I am trying to work on. So I think that now I am really good with the food part of the program....I know how to eat the right way....and that for me is the easy what I need to do is dedicate this next round to the exercise portion....I need to restart my program and rededicate myself to the exercise portion especially. What I know for sure is that this girl...this 285.2lb girl is NEVER going to see the scale over 300lbs again! (319.2 to be exact). My thanks to Cynthia, her team, and Dr. Phil.....his show that day in November changed my life....even though I didn't start the program until mid-January....I knew I was going to try it from that very first time he featured it on his show. For me, I had to build myself up to it....I prepared myself mentally for this lifestyle change, I bought the things I thought I would need to be successful...I picked a date to begin....I ate my heart out right up until that date and then I dove in. I had a few bumps along the way...not too many, food-wise....but like I said....exercise has been another story. So I am restarting my program and my first mini-goal is still to lose 45lbs by my 45th birthday, which is 35 days away.....which means I have 10lbs to lose in 35 days...which is totally do-able, especially with my renewed commitment to exercise! Love PINK!

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