Friday, November 23, 2012

2-5-12 Officially under 300lbs!!

I have completed 7 days of phase 1 and I must admit I was getting discouraged with the lack of weight loss this week....that is until yesterday (-1.4) and today (-2.2) which officially brings me under 300lbs! I know I have a LONG WAY to go, but it felt so good today to see a "2" instead of a "3" for the first number!! I still haven't hit the 20lb mark for how much I have lost, but it is close. Officially I have lost 19.4lbs so far. I wish for more, I have seen some of the other big girls on here get to 20lbs just on reset...but when I step back and look at the BIG picture, I have lost 19.4lbs in 21 days. Exercising is still not "fun" but I am doing it. I am mostly going to the gym and walking the treadmill, riding the bike...still way too out of shape for the dvds but I know I will get there! Happy Saturday and so happy to be PINK!

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