Friday, November 23, 2012

1-30-12 Phase 1.....two days down!

I (was/am) apprehensive about phase 1, reset was working out, lol. I attempted Jenna's workout one day on reset and realized that I am just too big and have too much weight to be successful with Jenna just yet. My husband and I joined planet fitness. I like it because it's just 20 bucks a month and I can workout at my own pace while I build up to the dreaded Jenna video!
I ended reset with a total loss of 16.6lbs. I went "shopping" in my closet and found that I can fit into some of my skinnier fat clothes, lol!
So Saturday was my official first day of phase 1, I ate according to the blueprint, with the exception of the after workout shake. We went to the gym and then ran errands and I didn't get home for hours, so it was a mute point. At the gym I was able to do a mile on the treadmill, 1/2 mile on the stationary bike and 13 minutes of the 30 minute circuit training before I just couldn't do any more. I lost an additional 1.2lbs.
Sunday was a bit chaotic, which always throws everything off. I am still doing the shakes for breakfast and I had that....then I went shopping for a new bra (seems all my weight loss has been in my boobs, lol) and new athletic shoes. While I was out shopping my day went haywire....and I didn't end up eating lunch until 2:30. My husband decided not to work out and I ALMOST agreed....but instead I went to the gym....I was just feeling too guilty to not work out on the 2nd day. My knee has really been bothering me though and all I did was 1 mile on the treadmill, which isn't much...but was better than me just not going at all. I also didn't get all my water in yesterday.
Today I am back on track, the work week is easier to manage a schedule. Off work at 2...straight to the gym!

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