Friday, November 23, 2012

3-8-12 My Exercise Demon

I am lazy. There, that could be my entire journal entry, lol. I am lazy. I am very lazy. I like being lazy. UGH, why do I hate to exercise sooooooo much? I know that I get better results when I exercise. I was doing pretty well with exercising before we went on our trip, but since we have gotten back, I cannot seem to find the motivation. I will say that for me, the best way to exercise is actually going to the gym. Trying to exercise to the tv....makes it way too easy to just sit down. Once I am at the gym, I can knock it out....but getting to the gym, that takes an entire lecture in my head and honestly, even then....a lot of the time the lazy girl wins! So I am still doing very well with the food part of the program, so I am still seeing tiny losses, but I absolutely know that if I could talk my lazy girl into exercising, the scale would be ecstatic! Every day I have all these conversations in my head about why it isn't a good idea to exercise today....the gym is too far away, it's raining, I have errands that need to get done, I have housework that needs to get done, my son needs a ride somewhere....the list in my head is HUGE, kinda like my a$$! I need a swift kick in the behind. Following the program is easy...when we are talking about the food demon is definitely the exercise! I wonder what my excuse will be today....I so need to lose the excuses.

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