Friday, November 23, 2012

7-14-12 6 MONTHS!!!! I never stick to anything for more than 6 MINUTES!!!!

My PINK anniversary has rolled around again....My month total was not in double digits, but I have had other months that weren't, either. For the most part I am happy with my progress....but the self deprecating part of me can find plenty of things to complain about!

So here it is, my monthly total....68.2lbs. I so wanted it to be 70, but that will come. I need to celebrate the losses and not dwell on what could have been.

Of course, exercise is my nemesis, that has not changed. And, it is summer and with the season come a variety of eating challenges during social events. I am pretty good at managing those, but I have had some things here and there that I shouldn't be eating.

Big non-PINK news, my daughter moved her room is going to transform into a work-out room, maybe that will help me spend more time with the gym equipment, lol.

To celebrate my solid 6 month effort, I went shopping yesterday....I got 5 new shirts and 2 pairs of pants. I am definitely an 18 in pants. Shirts are crazy....depending on the shirt....I wear 1, 2, and 3x. Mostly 2x....leaning toward mostly 1x. Apparently my brain cannot stop thinking "buy the bigger one"  It must be a training issue, my husband often tells me the 1x looks better than the 2x...but I guess I am not used to things actually fitting me. I wore a tighter fitting shirt the other day and my son said "Damn, I didn't know you had lost THAT much weight" (he is 17). He told me that if I wore better fitting clothes that more people could notice. I am trying. My brain still thinks I wear a 24/26 and that I need to wear tents.

I am very proud of being PINK for 6 months....honestly, I do not really struggle with the food. I love eating REAL food instead of CRAP. Sometimes I wish there were more portable snack options, but where meals are concerned I am fine. As a really great PINK friend of mine would say "you have to flip the switch."  Well I have, my switch is flipped, I eat for the energy it provides. Eating CRAP means crappy energy! I will not go back....that part is for sure.

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