Friday, November 23, 2012

1-16-12 Three days on reset, 4.8lbs down!

So I chose to start the program over the three day weekend, to give my body the adjustment period when I didn't also have to be at work. Day 1 was ok, had a funeral to attend in the middle of the day, so I didn't eat lunch.....snacked on veggies and really only had one meal around Cheddar's Restaurant, which was actually a great choice. I had the lunch portion of grilled salmon with carrots and broccoli. I also ordered a side salad, brought my own dressing!
Day two was more difficult, woke up with a horrific headache that lasted ALL day! It finally subsided as the evening progressed. I ate on a better schedule, sticking with pink drink 1 (aso had it on day 1.)  We made the carrot/cauliflower soup and it was tasty! Even my hubby liked it!
Today I woke up with more energy, accomplished alot before 9:00am and then went to the store to get a lime and a beet (the only two things I was missing for drink #3) came home and made that, it was MUCH better than I expected, just grittier than drink #1.....but I am afraid of drink #2. We actually went to the movies today....I thought that would be harder than it was. I am a movie popcorn (with layered butter) I didn't know how smelling that would make me feel. I felt great about CHOOSING not to get any....and BONUS, going to the movies for a matinee and staying away from the concession stand is actually affordable, lol!
Tomorrow I start back to work, I am cautiously optomistic about the work week, I need to get much better at planning my meals so that I allow myself to be successful.

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