Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"The flattest feet I ever seen!!" Oh, and the Cocoa Women's Half Marathon!!!!!!!!!!

I have flat feet. Yes, they have been flat my whole life. A podiatrist once said “Those are the flattest feet I have ever seen.” Why am I telling you all about my “oh so flat” feet? Because for my whole life I blamed so much their flatness.

When I was in middle school the coaches told us we had to run a mile on the track. What?? A mile?? Were they insane? I promptly had my father contact that podiatrist and get me a note. My feet could not run a mile, they were too flat! How cool was I……everyone was jealous…. I had figured out a way to get out of the running requirement!

In high school I took bowling for my PE credits. Three years of it! Not to say that isn’t exercise, it is…and quite fun, too! Certainly my flat feet did not keep me from bowling. I liked bowling. Definitely was not the PE that I needed as my weight creeped up!

In my twenties and thirties I was having/raising my babies. I gained weight with each of them and then kept gaining. I was that mom…..the fat one. The one that wished she could play with her kids, but never actually made an effort to do that. I still used my feet as an excuse, they weren’t for exercising, look how flat they are!

By the time I hit my 40’s, I had hit over 300lbs. Seriously, I was so overweight and so convinced that I could never be that woman… know the one on the weight loss commercials that lost all the weight, looked amazing and told the world that if she could do it…..anyone could. Watching those women on TV tell me that if they could do it, so could I……well that just made me feel like more of a failure because I knew they were wrong. I couldn’t be like them. I was doomed and destined to be over 300lbs for the rest of my life.

I watch the Dr. Phil show every day, one of my ways to unwind after work. In November, 2011 he featured Cynthia Pasquella's weight loss program for women, The PINK Method. Watching the show made me want to buy it....but I didn't. I used all of my negative self talk to take over and convince myself that it would be a waste of money, time, effort and I would still end up fat and more depressed because I would also be a failure at yet another diet. 

Dr. Phil featured the PINK method again about a month later....showed the progress of the women who had started, spoke to Cynthia Pasquella, who seemed like a very genuine person on a mission to help women lose weight. This time I ordered it. 

I received the PINK Method in the mail and read over it, in secret....I didn't want my family to know I was going to try this.....because if they don't know when I try...then they  wouldn't know when I failed. I had it all stuck in my head though, I WANTED to do this, but I decided to prepare for it instead of jumping right in. If you read my early blog posts, you will see that I didn't just order it and start the program.....which I believe helped in my success with the program. 

I started on January 14, 2012. My weigh in that morning was 319.2lbs. I didn't start my face book page about my progress until more than a year later....probably another sign that I was scared of showing everything and then failing at it. 

On December 14, 2012 I had been on the program for 11 months. That morning I weighed in at 218.6lbs.....showing a total weight loss in 11 months of 100.4lbs. I was beyond happy with that number and ecstatic that I actually lost 100lbs inside of a year! I participated in my first 5k that month! I ran….with my flat feet….and it was SOOOO fun!
The most amazing thing I learned was that my flat feet CAN run! The excuse that I had used my whole life…..I threw it out the window! Now mind you, I do not run fast….but I run! My goal for 2013 was to participate in at least1 race a month for the entire year. I was really thinking 5k’s….perhaps a 10k or two. I told myself that there was no way I could do a half marathon…..that was simply too much…..I would never be at that point. I did a few 5ks and then my first 10k in April, 2013….The Blue Bell Fun Run. I really enjoy themed races. There was even the Dirty Girl Mud Run….now THAT was fun!! I participated in a few 5 mile events and another 10k in June. My mind started wondering if my flat feet really could do 13.1 miles. Maybe I really could earn that sticker!

I scour the internet in my free time, looking at race events. I saw the website for the Cocoa Women’s Half Marathon and I was mesmerized…..a chocolate themed race for women? This was the perfect event for me! Women empowering each other to finish….and to have glorious chocolate waiting for us when we do…..I knew that I would earn my sticker….flat feet and all!
I won’t be fast. I will take walk breaks. I will finish. And I will earn that sticker!  I am excited to do it side by side with other women who have all experienced their own journey to the race. I am so going to devour some chocolate treats!

Cocoa Women’s Half Marathon has been generous enough to allow me the opportunity to race and blog about it! I will share my training ups and downs as I countdown to the Cocoa Half Marathon on January 19, 2014…..I cannot wait to earn that sticker (and eat some chocolate)! And it is basically my 2 year anniversary for this healthier lifestyle. Honestly....I have lived more in the last 2 years than I have my entire adult life! I so underestimated my poor little flat feet! 
My journey is not over....I have a long way left to go! I have not been able to make it under 200lbs yet, I would still like to, still trying!  I invite you my blogs, get to know me, share your stories with me. Give me training advice!!! If I can motivate even one other woman to find her way to success, then it was worth sharing my story in this public way.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ROC Race Silliness! An AWESOME time!

This weekend was definitely exciting! I participated in my very first ROC Race (Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge)! The fine folks at the ROC race were kind enough to offer me a complimentary event admission! In return, I offered to blog about the experience!

As many of you know, the past year and a half have been a series of "firsts" for me. For the first time in my life I am healthy enough to participate in the fun rather than simply watching it from the sideline.

This "first" was an obstacle course 5k race with my hubby! If I had to have one would be package pickup for the event. Package pickup prior to the race was required or there would be a 5.00 fee to pick the package up on the day of the race. I cannot recall any other event that charged a fee for race day package pickup. The real bummer with going to the pre-race package pickup site was that it was located in far north Austin, no where near the race location or me! It was inconvenient....but definitely not a deal breaker!

The race was sent in waves.....our wave was 1:00pm. Did I mention it is Texas? Haha.....early September in Texas still means the dead heat of summer! I was prepared for the heat, we hydrated well and dressed appropriately! I think the temperature at 1:00 on Saturday was hovering between 97-100 degrees! There was a DJ that encouraged us to perform a few ridiculous dance moves prior to our wave starting the course! There was also a costume contest....Here are a few pictures of the entries!
Still do not understand this guy's look!

The first obstacle was called the Concree-stadores, we climbed over multiple barriers. This was a great first obstacle because it really slowed people up and thinned out the crowd at the start!

Next up were the Gorilla Bars....monkey bars on steroids with a couple of actual gorillas in the middle of  it bouncing around in a foamy, wet bouncy pit! This one was harder than the first one. I made it across a couple of the bars before I fell in the foam and was bounced out of the pit by the gorillas!

After that foamy mess we made our way through some more of the 5k course until we got to the Tire Mile. This obstacle looked easy enough.....but if you actually do it fast like it should be done, it is challenging. I went at a fairly slow pace, but fast enough to scare myself a couple of times....thought I might wipe out, but I didn't! 

Just past the Tire Mile we found the first water station! Wow, I don't think I have ever been so happy to find a water station. We were already dripping wet (and not just from the foamy gorillas) Remember, 97-100 degrees, people!! After the water stop we wound our way through some more of the 5k course until we got to the next obstacle, The World's Largest Moon Bounce! This was a super fun obstacle that made my inner 5 year old very happy! I could have bounced for a while, but we ventured on!
After the Moon Bounce, my energy level was was very exciting to anticipate what the next obstacle would be! Soon we found the Jump Walls....there were 3 or 4 different heights....I chose the shortest wall, and now regret not trying one of the higher ones!

After the walls we found ourselves navigating through more of the 5k course and past an obstacle called "Cool Runnings" which involved tubes! It looked super fun, but we had to get through quite a bit of the 5k course to get to the point where we picked up our tubes and headed back to the entrance for the obstacle.....which was basically a slip and slide for grown-up with tubes. I could have done this the rest of the afternoon!

After cool runnings we found our way to the next water station, by this time the heat didn't seem so bad, probably because we were drenched from the tube ride! Shortly past that we found the next obstacle, The Belly Flop Drop! The picture shows the fun side of this obstacle......the difficult part was climbing the rope to get to the top so that you could do the Belly Flop Drop! My arms are still sore!

At this point we were more than half way through the course. We were thoroughly enjoying ourselves. Visiting with people through the course, watching the costumed silliness all around us, it was a really great time! We were coming up on the next obstacle, The Tarzan Swing. Let me tell you, this one was scary! I told my hubby that I would do it first so that I could take his picture on the other side.....I climbed to the top of the platform and looked was high and underneath was water and mud....the goal was to use a rope, swinging across to the other that the mud and water were avoided! Standing up there looking down, I started to doubt myself. I told my hubby to come up and see what it was.....he got up there and I told him to go first. He did it with ease. I am still on the platform with two other women....all of us wary of this challenge. One of the women decides to climb back down the stairs and go around the obstacle. The other lady and I look at each other and we were not going to quit. We decided to go together (there were multiple ropes) So on the count of three.....we went.....I got to the other side but could not get my footing and I fell backwards, HARD! I think I gave myself whiplash....the girl who had gone around the challenge was there asking if I'm ok. I got up and told her that she was the reason I decided to go.....I was not going to quit! Yes, my head and neck still hurt, but you know would be far more painful to sit here and know that I had not tried it!

Whew, after that one I was ready for an easy obstacle! Yay, the next one was super easy, the Aqua Drag....basically just a giant inflatable mattress with a small water pit at the end. A simple slide across and through the water and it was over! Of course my hubby thrust himself across it, head first into the water....wish I had gotten a picture of him doing it!

After that one, we continued across the course, my head still pounding from the Tarzan Swing. We found ourselves staring at the next obstacle, The Tight Rope Traverse. This one looked scary, probably because I was still traumatized from the last obstacle involving a rope and heights, haha! I thought about going around it, I really did.....but no way was I quitting on any of them! I went super slow and steady.....and guess what....I did it! I didn't fall....and I didn't quit! My hubby and a few other people were cheering me on, that was so sweet!

At this point the end was in sight! We continued through the 5k course.....a couple of the girls we had been pacing.....they cheated.....took a shortcut to the next obstacle! Not us, we followed the course and made it to the Wrecking Balls shortly after the cheaters! This one looked like it was straight out of the show, Wipeout! The goal was to make it across without the wrecking ball knocking you off and into the water pit below. My hubby went first.....I got a picture of him....just as he was going down! Classic! After that, I went.....about 4 steps in....I went down! Totally soaked now!
And he is DOWN! (Sorry, honey, but this is a great shot!)

So close to the end.....only one more obstacle, The World's Largest Inflatable Slide. Ahhhh, the final challenge, the ultimate obstacle! This one looked like it would be so much fun and it did not disappoint! We climbed all the way to the top and slid down together! It was AWESOME!

So there we were, finished! It was so exhausting and so exhilarating at the same time! It was hard to believe it was over! We stood in line to take our picture at the end....totally worth the photo op! I am 46 years old. I have been overweight my whole adult life! I sat on the sidelines of life for far too long. So happy to be particpating instead of watching from the sidelines! To the ROC race, thank you so much for this experience. To my readers......go live is time to stop watching it from the sidelines!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summertime Blues and a Big Announcement!

So, summer is in full swing....and while I love summer, I really tend to "fall off the wagon" in the summer. Summertime means that my schedule is different, vacations are happening, friends are visiting, it is so stinking hot out that I give myself all kinds of excuses about exercising.  Along with giving myself excuses about the heat and exercising....I also give myself permission to eat things on vacation, have a treat at a barbecue, snack on things at the waterpark...and so on. 

Well this summer it has translated into a weight gain. I am up about 15lbs from my low and that is a VERY BAD thing! I have got to get it together and put this thing back on track. I have worked far too hard for far too long to go backwards. 

I am continuing to run, somewhat consistently....usually on the treadmill. I did my July race with my hubby....we did the "Too Hot to Trot" 5k in Temple, TX this past Saturday. We were mostly walking this one, he has been having achilles problems and it was really bothering him. It was a nice little race, about 360 people total. Here is a picture from Saturday. 

After we got home on Saturday, we were able to meet up with some family who were in town from Missouri, that was a nice treat....and yet another chance for me to make a poor food choice, haha. Here is a picture of us at the restaurant, it was an awesome visit! 

While sitting at the restaurant visiting with my cousin....she mentioned the Rock and Roll Half Marathon that was coming to St. Louis in October....she said she wanted to do it. I have been toying with the idea of a half marathon for months now.....just not allowing myself to commit to it. I keep telling myself that I have no business trying to do 13.1 miles. And then.....I started thinking.....I have NO BUSINESS talking myself OUT of doing it!! big, news is that I AM going to do a half marathon. I stare at all the choices on the internet all the time. Thinking of the pros and cons of each one, where it is located, whether or not to do a destination race or one close to home. Do I choose a large commercial race or a smaller local one. I scoured a ton of races and have finally settled on the perfect race for me!  


I am going to do the Cocoa Women's Half Marathon in San Antonio, TX on January 19, 2014! I decided on this one for several reasons. The first and most obvious reason.....CHOCOLATE theme, hello....that is a no brainer! And, it is women only....which I find to be a good fit for me. I absolutely loved participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run and that was a women only event. The race is in San Antonio, which is close enough to me that we can drive up the morning of the race.....or spend the weekend....that decision is still up in the air. The race is far enough away that I feel I have plenty of time to train (which will also help me to get back on track.) 

So there it is, it MUST happen. Cannot is truly exciting to look forward to it rather than convincing myself that I can't do it. Now, to find some other women to inspire to come and join me! 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

10k = 5 miles? Well, at least I was wearing an AWESOME shirt!!

I have been looking forward to having my next see, One More Mile was awesome enough to send my a super cool running shirt so that I could try it out....and tell all of you about it! Well, today was the day! I woke up super early, donned my fancy new running shirt (with the MOST AWESOME saying ever), laced up my Brooks, had a protein shake....and headed out the door!

My fabulous hubby was signed up for the 5k and I was all registered for the 10k. The race was to start at 7:30. We arrived at about 7:00. As we got out of the car I could already hear people discussing my shirt! Most of it was "OMG, look at that, her shirt is hysterical" and then there was the occasional "best shirt, ever." There were even a couple that walked up and told me how much they loved my shirt.....I was feeling on top of the world! I even had this local running blogger, "ScottyDog" take a picture of my shirt for his race report!

Here is a picture of my hubby and I before the race:

This is a picture of the amazing back of my shirt:
Now, let me tell you about this shirt from One More Mile. I chose the v-neck style in a women's cut. Mine is a 2xl, so happy they carry women's 2xl so I didn't have to move to a Men's cut! It is made of Wick-lite Microknit fabric, which offers moisture-wicking technology.  Extremely soft and comfortable to wear, the women's cut has a slightly tapered fit.  Runs true to size. I will be heading back to their website very soon to order more shirts! If you follow them on Facebook, they put a shirt on sale every is so fun to see all the super fun sayings....and you can snag your favorites with awesome deals! After my hubby saw the attention my shirt got today, he wants me to order him one, too! The hardest part is choosing a design....they have TONS!

Now, let's get a run-down on my actual race. This Flag Day 5&10K was a small local race with a couple hundred very friendly people! Both the 5k and 10k followed the same course, 10k-ers just made 2 loops. Most of the racers chose to run the 5k. Since I was doing the 10k, when I got to the finish line the first time, I had to turn around and start the course again. I was wearing my garmin and quite honestly, had I stopped at the would have been a PR for my 5k time! Back out on the course I went....heading out I was just about the last person to turn back to do the second loop....which made it seem that in fact there might not be anyone behind me to read my shirt, haha!

Because I was slower than most of the other 10k-ers, it actually felt like I was running completely alone! Since it was a small race, the course was not well marked and I made a wrong turn!! I was running along thinking.....hmmmm, this does not look familiar at all! I soon figured out that nothing looked familiar because I was on a different street....I had turned too soon!! This became definite when I got back on the main road back to the finish line and there were once again racers BEHIND me! How absolutely embarrassed I was to come running out from a short-cut!! I decided to walk for a bit to let them get ahead of me....since they were honestly ahead of me. Once they passed me, I started to run again. My thoughts were spinning around about how I could add back in the distance that I had inadvertently shaved off of my course....but the remainder of the course was a straight shot to the finish. I just ran to the upset that I hadn't actually completed the race!

Here is a picture of us after the race, notice my hubby's shiny medal for 3rd place in his age division!

My Garmin tells me that I ran 5.06 miles and my time was 1:11:26. I actually ran a 5 mile race last month in 1:13, so I PR'd my 5 mile time, haha! Guess I need to find another 10k race to run soon so that I can redeem myself. Hopefully I will have another new shirt from One More Mile before that next 10k! And I definitely don't want to get lost and accidentally cheat myself with a shorter distance! Happy Running!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

05-28-13 Recommitment

Recommitment, I wasn't even sure that was an actual word. However, after a trip to know that it is an actual word! It is definitely what I need to be doing, making a recommitment. I have just gone back and re-read my last actual blog about my weight loss, which was on 3-18-13. I said in that blog that it was my second update without a weight loss, which was true. I tried to put a pretty spin on it and talk about all the positive things instead. There were a lot of good things, even without an actual weight loss. But something happened to me over the last month. I have really let myself get back into bad habits. I have let myself eat things that I don't like to admit that I ate. I have been talking myself out of exercising, ALOT!

The GOOD news is that I have kept up with my goal of doing a race at least once a month, so I guess I should update the April and May races. I haven't been a complete exercise let's start there.

Oh but first, I realized that I never blogged about my Mud Run in was March 23rd and it was a BLAST with my two daughters and a ton of great friends.....highly recommend you participating in one of these. We are doing it again in December in San Antonio!

April was actually my first 10k! It was on April 13, 2013. I am actually surprised now that I didn't blog about that one.....but it helps me pinpoint my downward spiral. I was still doing pretty good up until that race, with food and exercise. This was the Blue Bell 10k in Brenham. It was the first time I actually traveled outside of my area for a race. My daughter joined me and we drove 2 hours to Brenham. She participated in the 5k and I did the 10k. My time was an hour and 27 minutes. I was happy with it, my goal had simply been to do it in an hour and a half. I did that. Then....I ate ice cream, more than I should have. And if I am being honest, I don't think I stopped eating "more than I should have" since then. Just writing it out is making the picture clearer. That day after the race I ate 4 or 5 ice cream bars. Pains me to admit that, but it is exactly what I did. Not one, or even two....but 4 or 5!  Here is the race picture from this event.

Now, I really do think that was the start of being completely out of control. I had been really focused and diligent up until then. I wasn't even nervous about running the 6.2, I was confident that I had prepared for it. I gave myself some "rest" days from exercising after the race. Those "rest" days turned into me making excuses for not exercising for even more days. I have not had a really good exercise schedule since that race. I still sporadically exercised. I would feel guilty for blowing it off, then I would do it for a few days....then I would make some more excuses.

I had my birthday in May. Birthdays are yet another excuse to be indulgent for me. Actually, if I am being honest, I have made MANY excuses for being indulgent for the last month and a half.  I did run a race the day after my birthday. It was with my daughter and my husband. We did the Chuy's 5k in Austin. It was a fun race, but I was SO out of my training schedule that I WAS nervous for this race. It was only 3.1 miles but I had not run for probably two weeks before race day. I knew I had gotten out of condition for it. Definitely slower than I had wanted. And my gosh it was COLD for May in Austin, Texas! Highlight of this race....getting a picture with Elvis! Here is a picture of that race.

So after this race and after my birthday weekend....I had good intentions of getting back on track. Good intentions that transformed into excuses! I was in a FUNK, a BIG FUNK! I would go to work every day with good intentions of exercising after work. I would bring my workout clothes with me and everything....occasionally I made it to the gym or out for a run....but 90% of the time, I didn't. I even found myself getting into REALLY bad habits of the McDonald's drive-thru for fries and a double cheeseburger. Then I would eat that and think....well heck, what would the point of running be now.....I already screwed up today! EXCUSES, RATIONALIZATIONS.....I had plenty of them. I had heard about this other race that was being put on for free because they had gotten some big sponsors. All of the money was going to two very good causes, one of which was the Boston One Fund. Boston had been on my mind a lot so I really wanted to do this race. It was a 5 mile race in Austin, part of the In24 series. I didn't really train for it, I told myself that I may come in dead last, but I was doing it anyway. It was on May 11th. I am not even sure if I had even run at all in between these two races. The good news is that I finished it.....the bonus was, I wasn't even last! My mom even came out with my husband to cheer me on. Here is a picture from that event.

Now, that all brings us to today, 5-28-13. I haven't run very much since that race, either. Although, I do know that my weight the morning after that race was at 218.5. My weight has yo-yo'd very badly for the last two months. But since that race on 5-11-28, I have really gotten out of control. This morning my weight was up to 232. That is up 13.5 pounds in 17 days.

Ok, time for a new plan.....things are not working the way they need to be working and I am not about to let all of my hard work over the past year and 5 months go down the drain. So today I got up, eeked out 3 miles on the treadmill before work and started planning out a solution to this current problem.

I lost over 100lbs using the PINK method, by Cynthia Pasquella. She has a new plan out called "The Hungry Hottie Method, A 6 week Transformation Program." Well, I need help I am turning to this program. I am up almost 17lbs from my low and that is not acceptable. I will never be that girl who weighed over 320 pounds again! Cynthia's new program is supposed to deal with the emotional side of things, clearly this is what I need! So, today is my recommitment to myself and to anyone who reads this blog and/or follows my journey on Facebook. I will not fail. I will not let the weight win. I am going to get back on track with my food and my exercise. My next race is June 8th, another 10k. I will train for that race from today forward, properly. I will post more on my facebook page, to keep myself accountable. I really want to get to a place of running a half marathon before the year is over.  There is a half marathon in January, I was going to give myself until then to do that one, but just this has become important for me to do one before the end of 2013.

I am not giving up on myself, even though I did temporarily regress. I am going to  move forward. I feel stronger than I have felt in over two months and I will not fail.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

3-21-13 Flipbelt - An awesome product! Review & Giveaway!!

It's no secret, I have lost over 100 pounds....and now I am exercising regularly. This is a new lifestyle for me, and part of it is learning what new products to use with these new activities.

I started walking on my treadmill, which turned into jogging....and now I am hooked. The progression then took me outside....the treadmill just got a little boring.

When running outside, I discovered that I was having a difficult time figuring out how to run and carry my "gear".  I started looking for running clothes with pockets that could hold my cell phone and keys. It is hard to choose running clothes based on a zippered pocket being a "make or break" feature of a running shirt or a pair of running capris.

Then I saw the flipbelt and I thought WOW, that solves all my problems!
 With the Flipbelt, I can wear ANY running shirt and pants....pocket or not!

I contacted flipbelt and they were generous enough to send me one to review. I ordered a nice, bright PINK flipbelt! They come in S. M. L or XL. They have tons of colors and it is exactly what any runner needs to hold cell phone, ipod, gels, car key, money....anything you can think of! There are two front openings and two back openings. You just put your items inside the flipbelt and take off. If you want to "flip" the belt, it locks everything in place, but everything stays in place for me whether I flip it or not.
I use it to hold my cell phone and car key when I go on a run. I plug my headphones into my cell phone to play my music. The flipbelt stays in place. There is no jiggling or shifting. The flipbelt is an awesome running accessory! Now I can choose any outfit and then add my flipbelt and I am ready to go running! I am thinking about ordering a few more colors to coordinate with my running outfits!
  I haven't worn it to the gym yet, but I plan on it....with it being flat, you can wear it during all kinds of workouts. I love having my music on me while I train in the gym, this is the perfect answer!

The awesome team over at Flipbelt are generously donating a flipbelt for me to share with you as a giveaway. For details and to enter, please visit my facebook page

Monday, March 18, 2013

3-18-2013 14 Month Update

Ok, so this past month FLEW by! I stayed super busy, guess that helped. This is my second update without a weight loss. Last month it really bummed me out....well I guess I was bummed because I gained weight last month. I still haven't lost anymore, I didn't even lose the 2 pounds that I gained! But, I didn't gain extra! Truth is, I had lost some weight and I was looking forward to updating the blog with a loss.....and then, spring break happened. For me, breaks in my routine really hurt my progress. Without a schedule and a routine, I flounder. I work for a school district, so I was off all last week....which meant my exercise schedule, my eating, my water consumption, basically my everything was just OFF. Spring break feels like vacation. My husband is a teacher, so he is off, too. We went to the movies, out to eat, shopping, and REPEAT. It is brutal for me to get out of my routine and into vacation mode....I also give myself a pass on exercising.....I am on "vacation" after all. SO, while I could have been reporting a 5 pound loss this month.....I am instead reporting a yo-yo of those 5 pounds, which puts me squarely back to what I started the month at, 215.2.

But, I won't beat myself up.....because except for the past week, I had a pretty good month. I have found my exercise routine....and I love it. I am doing group class on Mon, Wed, and Fri. either BodyPump or BodyCombat. Then I am doing my 10k training on Tues, Thurs and Sun. which leaves Saturday as my rest day. I can really stay in my groove following this schedule. (As long as they don't throw spring break into the mix, haha)

I also had my March race on the 9th. It was a Mardi Gras themed 5k event. My daughter, and two friends joined me for this one. We made tutus, had beads, masks, and fun headbands. A few people came up and asked if they could take our picture, that was neat.....we even ended up on a this blog that a local man does....he is a cancer survivor and he runs in a TON of local races and blogs about them, it was really cool to meet him. Here is a link to his blog:

I went back to the website to see the race results and OMG to my amazement, I was third place in my age group!! I saw the gaudy 5k "medals" for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.....but we didn't stay to see them handed out....never in a million years would I have thought that I would win one....but I did! I called today, they are so sweet, they are going to mail it to me. Is it dumb that I REALLY want that award? Anyway, it was an awesome time with family and friends. Here is a picture collage of the event:
This coming Saturday is my first mud run.....and in April, my first 10k! I am really trying to focus more on the exercise and health benefits and less on the weight loss....I think I have come to terms with the weight coming off slower now....while focusing on all of the other amazing things life is bringing my way, now that I am more than 100 pounds lighter! I still need to work on my structure and routine when I am on "vacation"!
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