Saturday, June 8, 2013

10k = 5 miles? Well, at least I was wearing an AWESOME shirt!!

I have been looking forward to having my next see, One More Mile was awesome enough to send my a super cool running shirt so that I could try it out....and tell all of you about it! Well, today was the day! I woke up super early, donned my fancy new running shirt (with the MOST AWESOME saying ever), laced up my Brooks, had a protein shake....and headed out the door!

My fabulous hubby was signed up for the 5k and I was all registered for the 10k. The race was to start at 7:30. We arrived at about 7:00. As we got out of the car I could already hear people discussing my shirt! Most of it was "OMG, look at that, her shirt is hysterical" and then there was the occasional "best shirt, ever." There were even a couple that walked up and told me how much they loved my shirt.....I was feeling on top of the world! I even had this local running blogger, "ScottyDog" take a picture of my shirt for his race report!

Here is a picture of my hubby and I before the race:

This is a picture of the amazing back of my shirt:
Now, let me tell you about this shirt from One More Mile. I chose the v-neck style in a women's cut. Mine is a 2xl, so happy they carry women's 2xl so I didn't have to move to a Men's cut! It is made of Wick-lite Microknit fabric, which offers moisture-wicking technology.  Extremely soft and comfortable to wear, the women's cut has a slightly tapered fit.  Runs true to size. I will be heading back to their website very soon to order more shirts! If you follow them on Facebook, they put a shirt on sale every is so fun to see all the super fun sayings....and you can snag your favorites with awesome deals! After my hubby saw the attention my shirt got today, he wants me to order him one, too! The hardest part is choosing a design....they have TONS!

Now, let's get a run-down on my actual race. This Flag Day 5&10K was a small local race with a couple hundred very friendly people! Both the 5k and 10k followed the same course, 10k-ers just made 2 loops. Most of the racers chose to run the 5k. Since I was doing the 10k, when I got to the finish line the first time, I had to turn around and start the course again. I was wearing my garmin and quite honestly, had I stopped at the would have been a PR for my 5k time! Back out on the course I went....heading out I was just about the last person to turn back to do the second loop....which made it seem that in fact there might not be anyone behind me to read my shirt, haha!

Because I was slower than most of the other 10k-ers, it actually felt like I was running completely alone! Since it was a small race, the course was not well marked and I made a wrong turn!! I was running along thinking.....hmmmm, this does not look familiar at all! I soon figured out that nothing looked familiar because I was on a different street....I had turned too soon!! This became definite when I got back on the main road back to the finish line and there were once again racers BEHIND me! How absolutely embarrassed I was to come running out from a short-cut!! I decided to walk for a bit to let them get ahead of me....since they were honestly ahead of me. Once they passed me, I started to run again. My thoughts were spinning around about how I could add back in the distance that I had inadvertently shaved off of my course....but the remainder of the course was a straight shot to the finish. I just ran to the upset that I hadn't actually completed the race!

Here is a picture of us after the race, notice my hubby's shiny medal for 3rd place in his age division!

My Garmin tells me that I ran 5.06 miles and my time was 1:11:26. I actually ran a 5 mile race last month in 1:13, so I PR'd my 5 mile time, haha! Guess I need to find another 10k race to run soon so that I can redeem myself. Hopefully I will have another new shirt from One More Mile before that next 10k! And I definitely don't want to get lost and accidentally cheat myself with a shorter distance! Happy Running!


  1. That is HILARIOUS. That's one of the drawbacks of a smaller race, I feel like the organizers don't have it together sometimes. I've been on those courses where it's not well marked, and it's definitely nerve wracking. And I LOVE that shirt, I'm going to have to check out that site. I love that your hubby runs with you at races. Mine does now and again. :)

  2. I dont even remember how I stumbled upon your blog posts yesterday but I am starting PINK tomorrow. Reading your blog has been very encouraging to me!! I am so like the old you, hiding food and eat in secret, never sticking with anything very long, and my scale keeps creeping up and up. I'm so fed up with it. I'm fat, sick and so tired all of the time. My boys are still young and I want to do this for me but for them as well. My husband has gained a lot of weight since we have been together and is upset with himself too. So here is to a healthier us! I am hoping to start blogging in secret and maybe making it public at some point. Thanks for your blog!