Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summertime Blues and a Big Announcement!

So, summer is in full swing....and while I love summer, I really tend to "fall off the wagon" in the summer. Summertime means that my schedule is different, vacations are happening, friends are visiting, it is so stinking hot out that I give myself all kinds of excuses about exercising.  Along with giving myself excuses about the heat and exercising....I also give myself permission to eat things on vacation, have a treat at a barbecue, snack on things at the waterpark...and so on. 

Well this summer it has translated into a weight gain. I am up about 15lbs from my low and that is a VERY BAD thing! I have got to get it together and put this thing back on track. I have worked far too hard for far too long to go backwards. 

I am continuing to run, somewhat consistently....usually on the treadmill. I did my July race with my hubby....we did the "Too Hot to Trot" 5k in Temple, TX this past Saturday. We were mostly walking this one, he has been having achilles problems and it was really bothering him. It was a nice little race, about 360 people total. Here is a picture from Saturday. 

After we got home on Saturday, we were able to meet up with some family who were in town from Missouri, that was a nice treat....and yet another chance for me to make a poor food choice, haha. Here is a picture of us at the restaurant, it was an awesome visit! 

While sitting at the restaurant visiting with my cousin....she mentioned the Rock and Roll Half Marathon that was coming to St. Louis in October....she said she wanted to do it. I have been toying with the idea of a half marathon for months now.....just not allowing myself to commit to it. I keep telling myself that I have no business trying to do 13.1 miles. And then.....I started thinking.....I have NO BUSINESS talking myself OUT of doing it!! big, news is that I AM going to do a half marathon. I stare at all the choices on the internet all the time. Thinking of the pros and cons of each one, where it is located, whether or not to do a destination race or one close to home. Do I choose a large commercial race or a smaller local one. I scoured a ton of races and have finally settled on the perfect race for me!  


I am going to do the Cocoa Women's Half Marathon in San Antonio, TX on January 19, 2014! I decided on this one for several reasons. The first and most obvious reason.....CHOCOLATE theme, hello....that is a no brainer! And, it is women only....which I find to be a good fit for me. I absolutely loved participating in the Dirty Girl Mud Run and that was a women only event. The race is in San Antonio, which is close enough to me that we can drive up the morning of the race.....or spend the weekend....that decision is still up in the air. The race is far enough away that I feel I have plenty of time to train (which will also help me to get back on track.) 

So there it is, it MUST happen. Cannot is truly exciting to look forward to it rather than convincing myself that I can't do it. Now, to find some other women to inspire to come and join me! 

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