Friday, November 23, 2012

1-9-12 Still Pre-PINK and almost out of Diet Coke!

Yes, I am still Pre-PINK. I had decided to begin the program once I have all my ducks in a row...including my new nuwave oven and blenders (that I now have a tracking number for, YAY).
I have also been fighting myself on whether or not to totally give up my diet cokes. I watched the live chats and saw Cynthia kind of go off when someone asked if they could continue drinking it....and I thought, hey it can't be THAT big a deal.....but then I started researching it. I am posting this journal so that when I get freaked out later and decide to have a soda, it will help me remember all the reasons why I won't be drinking it anymore. I would almost equate it to a drug addiction. I watch intervention all the time and see those people being confronted by their families to leave immediately and go straight to rehab....and they all seem to want to go get high.....just ONE MORE TIME! I completely understand that now. All this planning I have been doing before starting the program is my "JUST ONE MORE TIME." I have always stocked up on diet coke, I have a 2-liter bottle at work that is half gone...and at home I have one 2-liter bottle that is half gone and another full 2 liter bottle. I am going to finish them....and enjoy every last sip of it. I will not buy more. I am basically down to my last 4 liters of my "drug" and I plan on stopping cold turkey after that. I am so scared, more scared of the end of diet coke than of the new food and exercise lifestyle. I will be succesful! I am changing my life....I just haven't started yet. 4 liters to go!

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