Friday, November 23, 2012

5-15-12 4 Months on PINK.....down 50lbs!!!

So yesterday was my 4 month "anniversary" of PINK. I am down 50lbs.....which is AMAZING! I know some people are losing the weight faster than that....and others are moving slower. I have learned not to compare myself to anyone else's results....they are very personal and unique to each person's individual body.

What I can do is challenge myself to not only keep up my progress....but also to ramp it up. What I know for sure about myself is that I hate exercise...and that is my area of total weakness. I will make every excuse in the book to avoid the workout. I know that if I had exercised as much as I was supposed to, my weight loss would be higher. This is where I would really like to improve.

Eating PINK is not hard for me, not anymore. Giving up my diet coke was very difficult. Cheese....was my friend, lol. Fast food drive-thru windows were my destination every day after work. All of those things I have adapted to very well. Sometimes I still really want a cheeseburger and fries....but I can usually talk myself down. I have succumbed to the drive thru a couple of times.....but the other interesting thing is that even when I have, my choices have been healthier. I go to the window telling myself to just go ahead and order the double cheeseburger with big mac sauce....but I get there and can't do it. I ended up ordering a grilled chicken sandwich and threw away half the bun.

I have definitely embraced PINK eating. I need to truly commit to PINK exercise and I know my results will be amazing. I have been at this for four months....and the most I ave exercised has been about three times a week. A lot of weeks have been even less than that. This month I want to exercise every weekday and take the weekends off. I want to see what my results can be when I am 100% PINK. Wish me luck!

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