Friday, November 23, 2012

8-14-12 Another Month...this makes 7!!!! By far...the hardest month!! 76.8lbs GONE!!!

Month 7......I struggled this month. I have had ALOT going on in my personal life with my teenagers and my ex-husband....I will spare the details.....but it was STRESSFUL!

For the first time since being PINK I actually looked to comfort myself with food. This month I ate a cheeseburger and fries, a ice cream cone, and a cupcake. I had all of that in two days, Aside from those couple of days I managed to stay PINK the rest of the month.

Of course I still did not exercise as much as I should have.....always my nemesis....that exercise demon! I am hoping to fix it soon though, we have ordered a is due to arrive any day.

I really want to hit the 100lb mark inside of this year.....losing 100lbs in a year seems like a wonderful goal. At the start of this year I wouldn't have ever believed I could be so close to that goal! I have 23.2lbs to go to reach 100lbs gone....AMAZING!

So while I would normally beat myself up for not losing at least 10lbs this month....instead I will celebrate the 8.6lbs that I did manage to lose, even with the cheating.
Brand new is to staying PINK!

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