Friday, November 23, 2012

4-7-12 1/3 of the way there!!!

Let's see, I have been doing PINK for a little bit shy of 3 months....and today I officially weighed in 40lbs lighter....which is AMAZING! I am about 1/3 of the way to my first goal....which is to get under 200lbs, I may choose a new goal at that point, or just being in the 190's may be enough for me, I don't know yet. I sure didn't know I could be a third of the way to my first goal in under 3 months. I have never felt weight loss success like this before...and it does feel good! I am gaining confidence to believe that I can actually finish this....and by finish....I don't mean stop....I have learned that this is a lifestyle change and I have embraced that. I know that along the way there will be a meal here or there that isn't exactly the best choice, but I know that I will make good nutrition choices 99% of the time. I have made a commitment to really amp up my exercise for the month of April to show myself what a difference it really makes....because that is definitely my weakest area. I am not sure that I will ever fully embrace exercise as something that I LIKE to do, but I know that I MUST do it for my health and continued weight loss. I hope that if anyone that is just starting out reads this that you believe in yourself that you can accomplish this....I have been FAT for my entire adult life, so if I can change and do can you!! Stay PINK!! Forever grateful to Cynthia and her team...and to Dr. Phil for having them on his show. Changed my life!!

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