Thursday, January 3, 2013

1-3-13 Post Holiday / Post Vacation (What did it cost me)

Happy New Year! That is actually the first time I have been able to say "Happy New Year" and mean it! Usually the New Year brings resolutions....and usually two weeks later, they are out the window!

I always hated when someone would ask me if I had a New Year's Resolution.....because to me that was code for "Geeez, you are so fat, shouldn't you be making a resolution to lose weight"

I have been a weight loss failure my entire life. That is, until last year. 2012 was VERY good to me. I lost over 100 pounds in 2012. It was a lot of hard work....but so worth it. And you know what, I did it all without a resolution to do it. I didn't make a resolution, because to me, that meant failure. I didn't even start on the 1st or the 2nd like a lot of people. I started my lifestyle change on January 14, 2012. Just a random friday, when I was ready. 

I think that is the key, you have to be ready. I armed myself with the tools to be successful and then decided to be successful. The Pink Method was perfect for me. It allowed me to find my way to success. I owe such a debt of gratitude to Cynthia Pasquella for changing my life last year. Allowing me to look forward to the new year with a sense of pride and accomplishment for 2012. Three days into 2013 and I have so much promise in what I can accomplish this year....and I will do it all without a resolution. I have goals, some big, some small. My most immediate goal is to lose the 5 pounds I gained over the holiday/vacation! I am already down 2 of them and have 3 to go!

I still struggle every day with temptation. Temptation to eat crap. Temptation to be lazy. Temptation to say "the hell with it, it is too hard!" But then I look at where I was.....and see where I am going...and I know that I am worth it, and I can do it. I will kick 2013's ass!


  1. Tricia, it's Mary from the PINK group. Was just catching up on your blog, and wanted to tell you how proud I am of all the hard work you've done! Plus I know how exciting it is to get blog comments! ;)

  2. Ahhhh, Mary....yes, VERY exciting you are my first comment, ever, THANK YOU! =)