Saturday, February 16, 2013

2-16-13 My 13th Month Update....Gains instead of a Loss!

I don't know where to begin! I have been putting off writing this post for the past two days because all I could think about was the fact that I GAINED weight this month and what a loser move that is. I didn't know how I could come here to write an update when I not only didn't lose any weight, but I keep bouncing around with the same 3 pounds. So my month 13 update is that I wasn't able to lose weight this month.

I suppose that could be the end of the story for the month.....but I had a realization this morning. I think it was prompted by a friend's comment who happens to be at the beginning of his journey. He talked about keeping up with what everyone around him is doing in terms of weight loss. I do that, an extent. I think it is a human response. I tried to show him that the weight loss he was having trouble feeling proud about, was actually a really great start for his journey. Which brings me back to my month....the month I gained 2 pounds instead of losing....this month. What I need to celebrate this month isn't what I have lost, but what I have GAINED!

In this past month I have gained sooo many things.It's time to celebrate my gains instead of my losses.

I gained my facebook page,, which is a gain of over 600 new people to talk to, celebrate with, and learn from! The support I find from the facebook community has been amazing, not only from fitness and weight loss pages, but also from the facebook groups that I interact with on a daily all mean the world to me.

This month I gained the ability to jog an entire 5k without stopping. I graduated from the 5k 101 training program I was following and I ran in three 5k races in the last 30 days. The first one was a virtual 5k for Katie's birthday over at That was the same day that I graduated from the 5k 101 training program.....I literally broke down in tears when I realized what I had just accomplished! I have also been able to reduce my time in each race I have done. By the way, I HIGHLY recommend for the BEST 5k training program out there! Having finished that program, I have gained the confidence to continue down the path of being a jogger, and I am beginning his 10k 101 training program! I started looking at 10k races to sign up for, who would have ever thought I would be doing that!

With the races, I have gained a new way to spend time with my family. This month my oldest daughter participated with my husband and I in her very first 5k, which made my heart swell with joy and pride! Next month my younger daughter, as well as my older daughter are both participating with me in not one, but 2 5k events. The first one will be a regular 5k, a Mardi Gras race and the second will be a mud and obstacle 5k called "The Dirty Girl" mud run. It is going to be soooo fun!

This month I have also gained a new membership to our local YMCA. I can exercise in a variety of new ways. One of those ways, is through group exercise classes....something I have ALWAYS avoided.....because being the fat kid in class that can't keep up, well it just felt embarrassing to me. This month I finally gained the confidence to attend my first group class. I was the fat kid in class, as I knew I would be.....but you know, it wasn't embarrassing. I participated in all the exercises....making a few modifications here and there, but I got through it....pushing a truck around a parking lot and all!! I was SOOO sore for the next 4-5 days, but when the class rolled around again....I went! I think a few of the regulars were surprised to see me back for more. I call it the torture hour, but I am not going to stop going....and all those "regulars" that are super fit, they were all proud of me for coming back. I gained yet another community of support from my group class at the Y!

So, instead of feeling like a loser for not LOSING any weight this month.....I need to focus on all of the things I have gained. I have gained a TON more than 2lbs....and THAT is where my focus needs to be!

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